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Censored on NYT's Gardiner Harris Wears White and Black Hats

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  1. Posted at Age of Autism on Feb. 28, 2010 at 4:55pm (EST)

    @LJ Goes

    "we do indeed believe a large part of our children's overall health (not mental) problems is the result of repeated environmental insults from the now 55 vaccines on the schedule."

    I would like to know what 55 vaccines are currently on the schedule. I count 11 vaccines for the 0-6 year age range. Or did you mean total number of injections?

    "Do you see what I did there?"

    Yes. You brought up the withdrawn macaque study by Hewitson, et al., that had some pretty significant flaws in it. (

    ""Ethical approval?" During your last physical did the doctor excuse himself to text the AMA for approval to check your blood pressure? Did he present you with a signed permission slip allowing him to check your reflexes?"

    You are showing your ignorance of the laws surrounding human research. Please familiarize yourself with the Declaration of Helsinki, ICH Guidelines on Human Research Protections and similar documents. You may also want to read up on the Federal regulations governing human subjects research (IIRC 21 CFR 45) as well as IRB regulations. While these are specific to the U.S., I would be surprised if the U.K., a member of the International Conference on Harmonization, did not have similar laws.

    "These children had colonoscopies. Gads. I wonder how that one time test compares to a young lifetime of chronic explosive diarrhea."

    You are apparently unaware of the risks of colonoscopies, such as perfrated colon, as happened to one study subject. Where such a procedure is not clinically indicated, it should not be performed.

    "The second part of your assignment is to tell me (in writing) about the testimony from these unethically treated children's parents."

    The parents' opinions of Wakefield, et al., are irrelevant as to whether he and his co-investigators behaved unethically.

    "We are...anti-antifreeze"

    Umm, you realize that antifreeze is not in any vaccine, right? Are you confusing ethylene glycol (antifreeze) and polyethylene glycol (not antifreeze)?

    "We are anti-infectious diseases."

    Your efforts seem to indicate otherwise. As a result of vaccine scare-mongering, vaccination rates are dropping and infectious disease rates are on the rise.

    "We know BOTH can be avoided with green vaccines."

    Define a "green" vaccine. I have yet to hear a precise definition for this term. Would it simply be an aqueous solution of antigen?

    "We have witnessed no decrease in childhood autism, despite the questionable removal of Thimerosol (which still exists in our children's flu shots), because the same cost-effective, inferior, autism promoting preservatives are still in them."

    David Kirby famously said that autism rates would drop when mercury was removed from vaccines. Nothing was stated about other preservatives or adjuvants (you seem to be mixing the two very different classes of substance). Since autism rates have not dropped off, you and others like you in the anti-vaccine movement shift blame to some other vaccine ingredient, without any scientific basis.

    "Add shots, get autism. Add more shots, get more autism."

    You forgot to include "Remove shots, get autism (see Japan's removal of MMR)" and "Remove ingredients, get autism (see removal of thimerosal)".

    "You know you can skate by with generalizations and half truths because your readers won't know the difference."

    This sounds a lot like the twisting of science and fabrications one finds on sites like Age of Autism, Natural News and In other words, you seem to be projecting.

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