Friday, June 10, 2011

A Virus Poes an Anti-vaccine Band

This is too rich. As some of you may know, there is a group of viruses and bacteria on Twitter that are part of a group known as the #pathogenposse. One of those, @Rubeola, sent a tweet to a, for lack of a better term, rock band known as The Refusers. As Orac has pointed out over at Respectful Insolence, The Refusers are unapologetically anti-vaccine. They liken Big PharmaTM and anyone who supports vaccines to Nazis. They equate vaccines with toxic sludge. They make absolutely no bones about it that they hate, hate, hate vaccines and believe them to be part of a grand conspiracy to maim and kill the populace.

So what did @Rubeola have to say to them and how did they answer?

That's right. The Refusers, a group adored by anti-vaccine groups like Age of Autism, appear to be quite proud that they are helping a dangerous virus spread.



  1. Humor? geez, maybe if I keep smiling, one day I'll have the smile lines etched into my cheeks, and rest my tired autistic face for good. Until then, seeing as you lot are about as much fun as half a pigs heart, how about helping us get safe access to our medicine?

    Two ways to save lives is better than one! Vaccines + Cannabis = Good

  2. Who can blame 30% of people for believing that vaccines cause autism, when more than 30% of people know that the government has lied about cannabis.

    If the government lies about cannabis, how do we know they are telling the truth about vaccines?

    It's unreasonable to hope that you can educate everyone scientifically such that they understand how to tell the difference between a fact that is covered up, and a fact that is not covered up because it isn't there in the first place?

    You cannot educate some people. For these people, if they are angry because they get no proper medical help for their autistic children, proving vaccines innocent does not change their daily reality of noise and poo and 9000 hurts a day etc.. You've read it 1000 times and so have I.

    They need treatment, not statistical analysis. Cannabis is treatment. Safe, non toxic, effective.

    What's the P value of a baby's life again? Remind me?


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