Friday, December 31, 2010

One Year Ends, Another Begins

So, we've reached that arbitrary date where we mark one year as ending and another beginning. For many, this is a time for new beginnings, to turn over a new leaf. People make resolutions to accomplish some task or change some behavior. Even though a lot of these never see fruition, the intention is good.

With the idea of newness in mind, I thought that I might rename this blog. It started out simply to give people a place to post their comments that were censored by the editors at the Age of Autism blog. Gradually, I've posted articles on other topics, like using libel laws to censor critics, medical ethics, alternative medicine and so on.

While I will definitely continue creating "Censored on..." posts for people as requested, "Silenced by Age of Autism" doesn't really fit what this blog has become. The only problem is that I don't really know what to call it.

So, I throw it to my readers. What should the new name for this blog be? Post your suggestions in the comments below, and if I see one I like, I'll use it. Be witty. Be whimsical.

To help get ideas a-flowin', here are some of the topics that I think will figure prominently in my writings:
  • autism
  • vaccines (and, of course, anti-vaxers)
  • medical and research ethics
  • alternative medicine
  • censorship
  • other topics of a skeptical nature as the muses dictate
I'm bad with names (just look at the oh-so-creative current name of the blog) and would really appreciate the help.


  1. How about... "Aaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!!" As in, those jerks at AoA and other sites make me want to scream!

    Yeah, I'm not the most creative either.

  2. "Age of Pertussis"
    "Typhoid Jenny"
    "Sage of Autism"
    "Generation Fescue"
    "Clean Catch Mid-Scream"

  3. Hi there I support you in quest to tell the world what trolls the Age of Autism site & Generation Rescue has becoming, I keep telling the truth that they are wolves in sheeps clothing & threaten the world with there fearmongering about Autism & spectrum, they think we are plague,when we are here to stay! You are welcome to my blogs including one called "The Real Age of Autism" ty Z

  4. Thanks for the suggestions, folks. I'll consider them. And, @spectrum times, I'd rather not take your blog's name, but thanks for the offer.

    Keep the ideas coming!


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