Monday, April 2, 2012

Quick Legislative Update: Vermont and California

I just wanted to give my readers a quick update on where things stand with vaccine exemption-related legislation in Vermont and California. If you'll recall, Vermont's Senate passed a bill that would remove philosophical exemptions from school immunization requirements (leaving in place religious exemptions). California introduced a bill that would require parents in that state to get a written, signed form from a physician, surgeon, nurse practitioner or physician assistant stating that the health care provider gave the parent information about the risks and benefits of vaccines before a philosophical exemption from school immunization requirements will be granted.

The Vermont bill (S.199) was referred to the state's House of Representatives (H.527), where it is currently in committee. I urge any of my readers in Vermont to contact their representatives and ask them to support this bill.

The California bill (AB 2109) is also currently in committee. As with my Vermont readers, I would ask any of my readers in California to please ask your assembly member to support this bill.

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  1. The Vermont bill passed in the House however they kept the philosophical exemption. :(


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