Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Dear Fascists

I know I've been rather quiet, with no new posts in almost a year. Frankly, I got rather burned out dealing with the ignorance and vitriol of anti-vaccine activists. On top of that, there was the whole debacle in which a fascist cheetoh was elected president.

This is just going to be a brief post. It's not about vaccines or medicine. It's not about anti-vaxxers. It's just a simple post with a simple message. Warning, there will be some swearing, and if you find offense at anything I've written below, maybe take a moment to take a long, hard look at yourself.

If you are a white supremacist, if you are a white nationalist, if you are a "goose-stepping moron", hell, if you simply think that opposing fascism is a bad thing, kindly fuck off. You are not American, even though you may have been born here. You are not a patriot. Your views and beliefs are the antithesis of the ideals upon which this country was founded. You are clowns. You are toddlers throwing tantrums because people don't treat you like the center of the universe. You are lint-brained weasels (no offense to actual weasels, which are lovely, smart animals) ignorant of your own ignorance. When you die, you will become meal for worms, and the world will go on about its ways without you, just as it does for all of us, whether we're white, black, brown, female, or male.

Go ahead and shout. I will stand up for your right to spew your counterfactual verbal diarrhea without the government interfering, so long as it does not incite others to violent action. You have that right. And I support it. But I will also stand up for the right of everyone else to shout you down, to take away your platforms, to ridicule you, to mock you as the rotten, festering turds you are. They are not violating your 1st Amendment rights. They aren't the government. So when they rightfully silence your hatred, do not complain that your rights are being violated. If you do, then you show that you don't give one flying fuck about the Constitution. But we already knew that.

So again, fascists, you blithering, shit-brained pustules, you abortive cankerous toads, you Nazis, and I do mean this most sincerely, kindly...fuck...off.