Thursday, August 25, 2016

Colorado's Non-Medical Vaccine Exemption Form Ruffles Anti-Vaccine Feathers

Back to school time. Show your child you care about their health.
Image Source: South Florida Caribbean News
Note: see update at the end of the article.
School is nearing (or already upon us) in many states. Parents are out buying notebooks, pens and pencils, folders, and new clothes for their children to make sure they're ready for the first day. It's also the time when many parents need to make sure that their children are up to date on their vaccinations in order to attend school. Naturally, this is also a time that anti-vaccine activists absolutely hate, especially in states where public health officials have taken efforts to ensure parents are better informed about vaccines and the diseases they prevent, as well as making opting out of vaccinations closer to the same burden that exists for those who choose to protect their children from diseases.

One of the latest battlegrounds is Colorado. Anti-vaccine activists and organizations, like the National Vaccine Information Center, are really upset with Colorado. Nothing has changed with regard to the law in that state, though. Non-medical exemptions haven't been removed, like they have in California. Parents aren't required to sit through an educational session on the benefits and risks of vaccines and the diseases they prevent. All that changed is this year's vaccine exemption form and the rules around its use.