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Censored on On Being Compared to Hitler and the Nazi Movement

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  1. Posted at Age of Autism on March 30, 2010 at 8:58am (EDT)

    Part 1:
    @Kent Heckenlively

    "Then why did Dr. Leo Kanner in his 1943 study claim it was unlike anything he or any of his colleagues had ever seen?"

    Perhaps because he hadn't intensively studied it before and therefore was not particularly familiar with it?

    "Why when the movie Rainman came out in 1988 were pediatricians in medical school told they might go through an entire career without ever seeing an autistic child?"

    Perhaps because most pediatricians don't work the psych ward beat? You know, where kids with intense behavioral problems were likely to be placed? Awareness of autism in the 80s wasn't exactly widespread. I would like to see a citation, though, that pediatricians were regularly told in med school that they might never see an autistic kid.

    "How did something that was 1 in 10,000 twenty-five years ago become 100 in 10,000 today?"

    Let's see, increased awareness, broadening criteria, more sensitive diagnostic tools, increased misdiagnosis. Hasn't this been addressed before? You're confusing increased diagnosis with increased incidence. Take a look at the U.K., for example, where about 100 in 10,000 adults have autism (though that number is probably a bit low, as it did not count institutionalized adults).

    "Maybe the increase from 10 to 36 vaccines before the age of six, with the majority of those administered in the first six months of life?"

    Umm, what schedule are you looking at? I count 10 vaccines. Ooooh...you're counting each dose as a vaccine? How dishonest of you. And even then, it's 34, not 36, doses. And that's only if they get all influenza doses. Without the flu vaccine, the total number of doses drops to 28. And that number can go even lower with the use of combination vaccines, like MMR-V instead of separate MMR and Varicella. I realize you don't like facts, but you should really stick to reality. Your credibility would increase and you might actually start helping autistic kids.

    "All we're suggesting is that we might want to go back to the 1983 schedule when autism was 1 in 10,000."

    But why? You haven't shown that vaccines have any causal relation to autism yet! Perhaps once you produce some science that clearly shows a connection, then we can consider this. Lacking that, though, you would rather see people suffer, needlessly, from diseases and their sequelae? You are willing to let diseases come back, causing people to needlessly suffer permanent injury or even death? That is better than autism? Way to have your priorities straight.

    "They don't rush to examine our children when they're diagnosed, and perform extensive medical tests like they would if they came down with, God forbid, the swine flu."

    You do realize that a new, unexperienced flu strain has the potential to be very fast-spreading and deadly, right? True, this season's 2009 H1N1A turned out to be relatively benign (though quite a few people did die, including pregnant women), but are you saying the medical system should not have taken precautions? I'm sure you don't bother getting your car checked out when things start going wrong, I mean...it's just noise.

  2. Part 2:
    "The protestant reformer, Martin Luther, who challenged the Catholic church."

    You mean the Martin Luther who wrote On the Jews and Their Lies?

    "And it's not just with "the bandit Poul Thorsen", one of the lead researchers"

    Um, Poul Thorsen was not one of the lead researchers. He was somewhere in the middle of the pack of names, indicating at best moderate contribution. You really should work on not lying so much.

    "I'd even take the Danish vaccination schedule which has 12 vaccines rather than our 36."

    There you go lying again.

    "At the beginning of the study autism was diagnosed only in a hospital setting. Halfway through the study the diagnosis was allowed to be made in an outpatient setting."

    If you had actually read the study (maybe you have and are just lying again), you would see that the researchers accounted for that in their analysis.

    "We're not Nazis."

    Of course you're not. But it is interesting how the whole point of the parody has gone right over your heads. It is also interesting that you raise such a stink about being compared to Nazis when folks here at Age of Autism feel little hesitation at calling your enemies Nazis. Actually calling them Nazis...not merely comparing them. Oh, and then there was that photoshopped picture you guys put up on Thanksgiving 2009 that showed some of the more well-known voices on the pro-vax side seated around a table with a baby as the main course. And then the comments suggesting that one person not pictured must be under the table giving Dr. Offit fellatio.

    Yep. You guys are classy, and not at all hypocritical.

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