Friday, April 16, 2010

Censored on Dr. Mercola Interviews Dr. Andrew Wakefield

If you have made comments on the Age of Autism article Dr. Mercola Interviews Dr. Andrew Wakefield, please copy your comment here, including the date and time you posted at AoA.


  1. I didn't even try to reply to a comment by "Disgusted". (Interesting how they are quick to "out" people who disagree with them but will protect the identity of people who do.) I did not reply because I have been personally told via e-mail by Kim Stagliano that "vaccine injury denialists" are not allowed to comment on Age of Autism. Anyway...

    "Disgusted" commented:
    "This is a lovely comment from Rene Najera, who I'm sure some of you may remember. I do hope Dr. Wakefield and Dr. Mercola take the time to sue this idiot for Libel.
    '@FreeSpeaker Child prostitution? Then again, if someone said that having sex with a child cured a "vaccine injury" (and had some anecdote), I would not be surprised if even that was pimped.
    Yes, they'll go that low.'"

    My comment about child prostitution was in response to a comment posted on Respectful Insolence by "Freespeaker". "Freespeaker" asked:
    "Now Mercola is pimping for Wakefield. I cannot imagine what could be so sleazy that Mercola would not pimp."

    So I was answering that child prostitution was so sleazy that Mercola would not pimp it. However, given how many of the anti-vaccine advocates take anecdotal evidence as science and the words of famous people as gospel, I really would not be surprised if they turned to pedophilia if someone famous reported that such a heinous practice cured autism (or any other "vaccine injury").

    Was my claim factual? No. It was an opinion. Did I claim that Mercola would pimp child prostitution? No. I opined that even that most horrible of criminal acts would not be pimped UNLESS there was some anecdotal evidence. I didn't write by whom. Again, it would probably be pimped by someone who also pimps other "alternative cures" whose scientific evidence is lacking.

    There are always these threats of lawsuits, it seems, by people in the anti-vaccine groups. Very few materialize. Why? Because of a little thing called "discovery" that, thankfully, our legal system in the United States allows. If I were to be sued, like others have been in a failed attempt to silence them, I would not think twice to bring into evidence all the lack of evidence promoted by anti-vaccine groups. It would be the Scopes Trial of our age.

    Thank you, Todd, for allowing a proper reply to the comment posted by "Disgusted" on Age of Autism, where you can truly slander and libel people and be protected from proper debate on ideas by the editorial team.

  2. @Ren

    No problem. It is rather disgusting to me that they would allow their readers to talk about people, to paint them in a bad light or skew their words, but then not allow the targets of those comments to respond.


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