Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Censored on How to Actually Save the Vaccine Program

If you have made comments on the Age of Autism article How to Actually Save the Vaccine Program, please copy your comment here, including the date and time you posted at AoA.

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  1. This is somewhat off-topic:

    At AoA's Facebook page:

    RJ: Stop removing comments that oppose your views, that is called "censorship":

    Age of Autism: No, it's called editorial. We have made a conscious decision on our content - and we're clear in our moderation guidelines. Your next snipe will escort you out the door.


    More at href="http://counteringageofautism.blogspot.com/2010/05/sure-theres-no-sniping-on-aoa.html

    "We have mdae editorial decisions that affect our moderation, yes. And because of that, we have avoided the cesspool of sniping and autism denial on so many other sites." --Stagliano on Age of Autism's facebook page.


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