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Censored on Do Reliable Thimerosal Estimates Exist?

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  1. Jacob Crosby is a university student who works hard to support the vaccination opponent ideology of Age of Autism.

    He wrote an article that argues that preservative thimerosal containing (excluding the flu shot) vaccines with expiry dates years after 2001-2002 were distributed in the United States.

    I posted a comment that described the contents of a 2003 letter by the FDA that demonstrated that the latest expiry date for these vaccines were in 2002. I provided a link to a scanned copy of the letter.

    And posted the comment. It didn't appear.

    You can see the comment as posted at

  2. I am not particularly interested in commenting on AoA, but I believe it is useful to point out that Sallie Bernard of SafeMinds was unable to find a DTaP vaccine with thimerosal in 2001:

    # Subject: Thimerosal DTaP Needed
    # From: Sally Bernard
    # Date: Wed, 27 Jun 2001 00:01:50 -0400
    # Yahoo! Message Number: 27456

    Hi all:

    A group of university-based researchers needs several vials of the older DTaP vaccine formulations which contained thimerosal for a legitimate research study. If anyone knows an MD who might have some of these vaccines or knows where to get them, please email me privately.

    Thank you.

    Sallie Bernard
    Executive Director
    Safe Minds

  3. I am attempting to do this again

    I linked through Jake Crosby's name to post the following:
    Since you have not responded to my questions on Respectful Insolence but did you did invite us to respond to you on your own blog:
    I won't go into this issue anymore here. If my article still bothers you that much - and I can tell it does - you are more than welcome to discuss it further in the comments section under my article
    Posted by: Jake Crosby | September 26, 2010 8:21 PM
    On September 25, 11:35 pm, comment #129 on Respectful Insolence, you suggest that you know of specific lot numbers of vaccines administered after 2002 which contained thimerosal.

    "who are recalling, from mutable memory,"
    No, from actually looking up the lot numbers of the vaccines their kids received.
    Posted by: Jake Crosby | September 25, 2010 11:35 PM

    I ask again, a little more explicitly than I did over on RI: Did you do this? Did you ask the parents about those lot numbers, and look them up?
    What did you find out?
    Posted by: Chemmomo |
    This is only a preview. Your comment has not yet been posted.

    I have no idea where it may or may not have been posted.


  5. Jake,

    If you wish to respond to a comment that appears here and does not appear on Age of Autism, then I suggest you simply post your comments here. First, it is a lot more respectful to me that you do so, rather than posting a link to your response on some other blog. Second, readers at AoA will wonder what the hell you're talking about, since the comment to which you are replying is nowhere to be seen over there. It was censored, remember?

    So, next time you feel like responding to someone in the comments here, I'm asking you to please leave your response here, rather than posting it on AoA and then leaving nothing here but a link to it. It will show greater respect for me, the blog owner, as well as for the other readers both here and at AoA and has the added benefit that the AoA readers will not be left wondering what in the world you're talking about.


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