Monday, June 13, 2011

The Callous Face of Hubris

The video below has already been shared at Just the Vax and Respectful Insolence, but it is such a powerful and important message that I feel it should be shared as broadly as possible.

I don't think we have anyone quite as vile and despicable as Ms. Viera Scheibner in the U.S. At least, I hope not. This is someone who blames the parents if their child dies of a vaccine-preventable disease; someone who believes that all vaccines, without question, are bad and cause autism, and that diseases are, without exception, good. To anyone who is against vaccinations, watch this video and take a good hard look at your beliefs and the impact that they can have on those around you.

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  1. In reply to a mother who proudly announced that her children were unvaccinated, I said, "You owe a debt a gratitude to those of us who do vaccinate our children."

    She snotted off something about how I was "a sheep." I guess the concept of herd immunity went over her head.


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