Monday, October 24, 2011

Announcing "Quacktion Figures™"!

If you read this blog, chances are, you're more of a reality-based individual. You prefer good, hard evidence over stories from your friend's brother's girlfriend's cousin's former roommate's grandfather's ex-military buddy. When it comes to medicine, you like the kind that actually works, that really improves your health rather than just making you think you're better while your liver is gasping for life. You probably look at scam artists and think, "If only I lacked ethics, I could rake it in just like that guy."

Well, fear no more. Announcing Quacktion Figures™! Now you can pretend with the best of them. Objective improvements, smobjective improvements. What matters is how the patient feels, not whether their cancer actually goes away!

Over the next several weeks, I will be putting up a new quacktion figure every Friday. Be forewarned; these are meant as satire. For the humor-impaired, please take a look at New Times v. Isaacks.

Also, I have to give a well-deserved shout-out to the artist who helped me give form to my idea. Lil Peck put in quite a bit of time to give form to each of the figures. Show her some love.

Finally, these only exist in digital form and are unavailable for actual sale, so, sorry, no stocking stuffers for you (though I think it would be amazing if someone actually built some of these).

Stay tuned!

Quacktion Figure™ is a trademark of Todd W. and Harpocrates Speaks.

Complete Quacktion Figure™ series


  1. I am agog!
    And if I had any artistic talent whatsoever, I'd be setting up my Etsy shop right now :D

  2. Hehe. Glad you're intrigued. Actually, if anyone reading this has the facilities and skill to create real models, e-mail me and let's work something out.

  3. Have you thought about Kickstarter? Hehehehe...

  4. Uh huh. Yeah. Sure. That'll help me get enough funds to buy the equipment and factory space to manufacture these things. I'll get right no that...not.

  5. Three words, Todd: Outsource to China


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