Saturday, October 22, 2011

Censored on Best of Age of Autism: Paul Offit and the Original Sin

A while back, JB Handley made a deal. He bet that if the author Sullivan over at Left Brain/Right Brain was not Bonnie Offit, wife of Dr. Paul Offit, he would never write about Dr. Offit again.

Well, it seems he is, at the very least, passively violating that agreement, as evidenced by a new post up at Age of Autism titled "Best of Age of Autism: Paul Offit and the Original Sin". If Handley has any integrity, as one of the editors/contributors at Age of Autism, he will take the post down. I've left a comment over there to that effect, which I copy here:

Click to enlarge.

Readers, head on over there and let yourselves be heard. Be sure to save a copy of any comments you leave, which you can post here. If you do comment there, however, be sure to follow their commenting policy, so that they have no real excuse to moderate your comment out of existence.

Update: Here is Liz's screen shot of the comment she left below:

Click to enlarge.


  1. It must be an oversight: your comment isn't visible, even though ones submitted later are.

    I posted this:
    "We're running it as a follow up to Dr. Offit having been appointed to the IOM. "

    I believe JB Handley had undertaken not to write about Dr Offit again, ever since he lost that bet over the site Left Brain/Right Brain? By reposting it with this text as a lead-in, it seems to me that this undertaking is not being strictly respected. Please remove the post.

    Posted by: anarchic teapot | October 23, 2011 at 10:49 AM

  2. Here's my comment.

    Dear Mr. Handley,

    On November 16, 2010, you promised "never, ever to publicly write about or utter the name "Paul Offit" again." That's a direct quote from a screenshot I took at the time.

    The promise was contingent upon producing "a dad with a child with autism with a remarkable grasp of the medical and scientific literature who blogs under the name Sullivan,"

    That dad has been produced. As he wrote at LeftBrain/RightBrain on May 28, 2011. "I stepped forward to state that I, Matt Carey, have been posting as Sullivan here on Left Brain/Right Brain"

    Mr. Handley, why have you allowed the editors of Age of Autism to re-post this piece? You are again, forsworn.

    Let me know if you want a screenshot.

  3. I just posted the following correction, which will no doubt be deleted by the AoA editor:

    "Dr. Offit forgets to mention his vaccines that have been pulled off the CDC schedule because they were damaging children's GI tracts."

    You're thinking of Rotashield. Offit invented Rotateq, which has never been pulled.


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