Friday, October 28, 2011

Quacktion Figure™ Friday: Anti-Vaccine Researcher

Ever wanted to enjoy the adoration of tens of others? Had an idea for a new product to patent, but had pesky competitors that needed discrediting? Have you ever dreamed of creating a controversy where there was none? Have you thought that violating research ethics would be a quick way to accomplish all this, but never had the narcissistic chutzpah to pull it off?

Well, now you can. Harpocrates Speaks brings you Anti-Vaccine Researcher!

Anti-Vaccine Researcher

Now you, too, can fake data for a paper and have it retracted. With Anti-Vaccine Researcher, you can pay children £5 each to bleed 'em dry! Cry, "Conspiracy!" to your adoring fans and hold your own medical practice board hearing where you can choose not to present any evidence in your own defense!

Anti-Vaccine Researcher stands 5¾" tall and comes with:
  • £5 Note
  • Vial of Blood
  • Retracted Paper
Self-aggrandizing book of fiction sold separately.

The Fine Print
Figure not actually for sale. Figure and text intended as a work of satire. Image copyright Todd W. and Lil Peck. Quacktion Figure™ is a trademark of Todd W. and Harpocrates Speaks.

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  1. Definitely the best possible choice to kick off with!

    Will all these characters be (outwardly) human, or will we have delights like the Oscillo Sugar Duck to look forward to?

  2. @anarchic teapot

    All will be revealed in time. Patience.

  3. I think EpiRen would be interested in what this guy has to say: That’s why there isn’t a single shred of scientific proof that any disease has ever been prevented by a vaccine (… remember, epidemiology IS NOT science). If you disagree, then by all means, try to prove me wrong.

    And, of course, this he is a Wakefield fanboy: That”s why the work of REAL scientists like Andrew Wakefield is never challenged by the medical establishment. They resort instead to their only real option, which is to have his character assassinated by hack journalists like Brian Deer and Seth Mnookin, and/or utterly useless medical doctors like Fiona Godlee or Paul Profit.


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