Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Opting Out of Vaccinations

A reader forwarded a news story to me about the recent study finding that more and more parents are opting out of giving their children the recommended vaccinations. I'll try to talk a little more about that in a separate post, when I get some time to do some more writing. In the meantime, here's the video:

The only quibble I really have is that the quote from Jennifer Margulis went unaddressed:
Many of the vaccines are unnecessary and public health officials don't honestly know what the effect of giving so many vaccines to such small children really are...
Most, if not all, of the vaccines are necessary for public health and prevention of disease. And the effects of the vaccine schedule can be seen from the long history of safe use.

Other than that, it's a nice, short summary of some of the concerns about dropping immunization rates.


  1. Depends on your definition of "necessary", right? As in, "is it really *necessary* for me to not spread disease to those who are at risk of injury or death?" or "is it *necessary* to protect my kid? Especially when others are doing it for me by vaccinating their kids?"

  2. Kinda why I specified necessary for public health and prevention of disease.

    Now, one could certainly argue, of course, that it is not necessary to be a responsible member of society instead of a selfish jerk who puts their own misguided ideology ahead of reality and other people, but then we'd be getting off on a tangent.


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