Friday, June 25, 2010

Censored on Chicago Tribune Protecting Consumers Against Natural Supplement (Again)

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  1. Posted at AoA on June 25, 2010 at 12:59pm (EDT)

    First off, I'd like to ask if anyone has access to any of the safety/efficacy studies that Boyd Haley conducted in humans to show that OSR#1 is, first off, safe for human use and second effective for what he advertises. I tried contacting CTI Science and, respectfully, requesting where I could find such studies. That was last year, and I still haven't heard anything.

    Now to address some of the comments.

    @Erik Nanstiel

    "Dr. Boyd Haley is a thoughtful and careful scientist who would NEVER release a product unless he had done his due diligence."

    And your proof for this is, what? If you have access to the clinical trials that Haley has done, I would really love to see them. Perhaps you can get him to direct you to them.

    @Jake Crosby

    "More toilet journalism from Latrine Tsouderos!!!

    Some advice: you might actually be taken a bit more seriously if you made substantive critiques, instead of immature name-calling. Can you please show where Tsouderos was mistaken in her article?

    @bob damelio

    You raise some very cogent points, and I applaud your posting your thoughts. Should the editors ever decide to make your comments disappear, there are places out there to make your voice heard.

    @David Taylor

    "You don't know how much of it is paid for, but there is a portion that comes from PR trolls hired by Big Pharma to monitor, seed and take over the comment sections on major internet sites, of which the Chicago Tribune is one."

    And your source of this information is? Please provide evidence, rather than simply asserting conspiracy-mongering comments.

    @Deb in IL

    Glad to hear that your son is doing well. However, I would venture to guess that his improvement was more due to your attention and natural progression than to biomedical treatments. But, since I don't know the details, I can't say for certain. At any rate, glad he's doing well.


    "Have you tried this product on yourself or your children and had a bad experience?"

    Why would he try an untested product on himself or kids? Are you okay with trying new medical products that have not been clinically tested for safety in humans?

    @Maureen H. McDonnell

    "just like Andy Wakefield"

    No, he's not just like Wakefield. Haley didn't even bother with doing studies in humans; he just started marketing it.

    @Anne Dachel

    Your argument seems to boil down to "Since the Tribune doesn't report on other warning letters/products, it must be wrong about OSR#1". Tell me, how is it that folks here at AoA can rail about inadequate testing of vaccines while at the same time not calling for testing of products like OSR#1? Clearly, you must have access to the clinical trial data for it, since you claim that it is safe (let alone effective). Please direct me to it. I would love to see it and have my mind changed. Show me the science that demonstrates OSR#1 is not only safe, but effective as well, and I will join you in crowing its benefits.

    What it boils down to is this: Boyd Haley tried to get around the law. He didn't need to. He could have conducted clinical trials and submitted his application for approval to market it as a treatment for autism. He didn't. And, if you're going to say that FDA would reject his application out of hand because they're in the pocket of Big Pharma, unless you have some evidence to show that they would have done so, I don't want to hear it. Forgive me if I'm skeptical of your psychic powers. He still could try to get the stuff approved.

    If you feel that I am wrong in my assessment of OSR#1 being illegal at the moment, then please point to the legislation and other evidence that supports its legality. By the way, the FDA's warning letter can be found here:


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