Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Censored on Rosemary Mathis Speaks Out on her Daughter's Gardasil Vaccine Injury

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  1. Posted at AoA on June 8, 2010 at 5:39pm (EDT)

    First off, what does this have to do with autism? Isn't this supposed to be a web newspaper about the "Autism Epidemic"? I am quite serious in asking these questions and hope there will be a response.

    "A medical source close to TAG"

    What medical source is this? How can we evaluate the validity of the statement if we do not know who said it? A Google search of the quoted text only brings up this exact same article, verbatim, on a couple other sites, but no identification of the source.

    "A February 2010 study was published on the PubMed.gov web site titled Vaccines and autoimmune diseases of the adult."

    More correctly, the abstract was published. I was unable to find the full study text, even in a medical library to which I have access. I am curious what the full study actually says. As it stands, the abstract is rather vague and simply says "This could be possible. We discuss the existing evidence in this review." The authors do not draw any conclusions, so I would highly recommend caution in citing this study as support for a position that vaccines cause a long list of autoimmune conditions.


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