Thursday, February 18, 2010

Censored on The Phoenicians: Autism Recovery Denial, Drug Profits and the Media's Flat Earth

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  1. Posted at Age of Autism on Feb. 18, 2010 at 10:15am (EST)


    So, let me get this straight. A company sees a potential market for their products, calculate just how big a market it will be, and they are, therefore, evil and corrupt. If a company like, say, CTI Science were to publish similar calculations, they would also be evil, right? Or is that incorrect, since CTI is not part of "Big Pharma"?

    What about Abbott Pharmaceuticals? Would they be evil if they published such a market calculation? Or are they okay, since they make Lupron, which is used by Mark and David Geier to chemically castrate children?

    Speaking of CTI Science and Lupron, I'm curious about the sales info on the various biomed treatments supported by the folks here at Age of Autism. How much is made from the sale of Lupron for use in autistic kids? How much is made from the sale of an unapproved industrial chelator being marketed as a dietary supplement without any actual evidence that a) it has dietary value, b) that it is safe for use in humans, c) that it is safe for use in children or d) that it is effective (I'm talking about OSR).

    The level of hypocrisy and uncritical, knee-jerk hatred of anything remotely connected to vaccines while at the same time uncritically crowing the virtues of chelators and chemical castrators, among other untested substances, is simply amazing.

    I'm going to ask a couple questions:
    1) What do you propose as an alternative to vaccines for the short-term?
    2) Why do you not apply the same level of criticism and demand for evidence to the treatments you support?

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  2. Hi, Todd. Just posted today (2/18) at 6:59 pm the following:

    (sorry...not word for copy didn't work!)

    A minor correction to the post. Dr Offit did not get "8 figures". Since he got 6 million for the sale of the patent, it would be correct to say 7 figures.

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