Sunday, February 7, 2010

Censored on David Kirby: The Lancet Retraction Changes Nothing

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  1. Posted at AoA on Feb. 3, 2010 at 1:19pm (EST)

    @david burd

    "Thirty-eight to Forty-one injections by age 18 months??"

    False. There are 24 injections (25 if influenza is given at 6 mo.). Please refrain from inflating the number

    "And with Thimerosal (mercury) in most all Flu vaccines touted by the CDC to be given all kids over 6 months old"

    Interesting you should bring up Thimerosal. Wasn't it David Kirby that said autism rates would start to fall off by around 2005, IIRC? Has he admitted, yet, that he may have been a bit wrong about thimerosal, seeing as total thimerosal exposure now is less than it was even in the 80s, when the increase in autism diagnoses started?

    "Do you think these injected ingredients might possibly cause severe reactions?"

    Possible, yes. No one would deny that. The question to be asked, however, is how likely is the reaction to occur? Severe adverse reactions from vaccines are, on average, less likely than severe injury from riding in a car.

    "Please tell me or show me science showing vaccine ingredients are beneficial to infant cell growth."

    Wrong question to ask. Vaccines have nothing to do with infant cell growth. Vaccines have to do with immune system development, specifically, the development of "memory" cells so that the person's immune system can identify and deal with infectious agents before they cause lasting damage.

    To the editors of AoA: I am cross-posting this comment to other blogs, since you tend to censor dissenting voices.


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