Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Followup: An E-mail to Kim Stagliano

A little over a week ago, I sent an e-mail to Kim Stagliano, managing editor of the blog Age of Autism, asking why my comments were not appearing.  Well, here's what I've gotten in response to my inquiry:

* chirp * chirp * chirp *

Yep.  Crickets chirping.  Not a single word beyond the auto-generated response I shared in my previous post.  At this point, I can only assume that my e-mail was simply deleted.  However, I invite Kim to prove me wrong.  Send me a response, Kim, and let me know how I have trangressed so as to have my comments never again appear on Age of Autism.

This blog is far too new and I am much too obscure to get Ms. Stagliano's attention.  Instead I will encourage anyone who is reading this blog to make comments over at Age of Autism and, should your comment not be approved, please copy it here.  But please follow their commenting guidelines: avoid insults, stay on topic, and post legitimate criticisms or thoughts.  In other words, don't be a troll.  If enough people start posting there and get censored, perhaps we can show the world just how hypocritical the folks at Age of Autism are.  We might even get them to change their ways and stop censoring.  I won't hold my breath, though.

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  1. Yes, don't hold your breath. I asked her before I started CAoA why I was being censored when I was being attacked and those were going through. Her response(s) and then lack of response were posted when I started Countering.


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