Thursday, August 11, 2011

Map of Mark Geier Medical Licenses

UPDATE: I was recently informed that Dr. Geier also has a license in Texas. The map and list have been updated accordingly. He also appears to have a license application pending in Ohio, though the medical board of that state has noted the Maryland action against him and has issued a citation.(Added August 20, 2011)

With all of the various states that have licensed Dr. Mark Geier and the rising tide of suspensions of those license, I thought it may help to provide a map, visualizing which states have suspended Dr. Geier's license to practice medicine and which states still allow him to see and treat patients.

So here we go. Red states are those which have stopped Dr. Geier from misdiagnosing children with precocious puberty and subsequent treatment with the chemical castrator, Lupron, and the green states are those which have yet to take action to bar him from potentially harming any more children.

Mark Geier Medical Licenses by State - Click to Enlarge

I will try to keep this updated as state decisions roll in. For more background on this, you may wish to read the posts below.

To look up the status of Dr. Geier's medical license, clicking on the state names below will take you to the respective licensing board's license look-up page or directly to his listing for that state:
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  1. Todd, if you check the Florida licence, it shows up with "suspended" watermarks all across it with an update date of 8/17/2012 - cannot google any decision...

  2. Thanks for the update! I will do some digging and see what I can find. I'll update the map when I have a moment to do so.


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